Razor e300 - Upgrade ideas and help please

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Razor e300 - Upgrade ideas and help please

Post by Roundozo » Oct 25, 2017 10:06 am

Hi all,

I have been using an old razor e300 to commute the last section of my work journey to avoid traffic etc and although she has done well for an old second hand beast it does have its failings. Firstly the batteries are pretty old and SLA so weigh a ton.

I've been doing some research and want to go down the lipo route. I've used lipos in my racing drone so I am well aware of their advantages and disadvantages.

My requirements are below;

>Speed - not that fussed about top speed but a little more than 15mph would be nice
>Torque - there are a few small hills that it currently cant get up without my foot assisting it so id like an improvement here
> Battery longevity - at the moment the old SLAs are shot so only last about 2 miles
> Ease of use - this is the one i cant get my head around....more below

I want to be able to just plug it into the wall and charge but ive always had to use balance chargers on my lipos and this would mean taking the deck apart each time just to charge. I have heard if i use a BMS then i can just use the wall charger still and this will balance and monitor the cells.

Parts i need (i think) are.........

3 X 3s 5000mah batteries wired in pararel to get 15000mah 33.3v
hall throttle
new 36v controller?
brushless motor?
larger rear sprocket?
36v battery charger

What i'm really after is a shopping list of parts and can it be done?

Answers on a postcard please! :)

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