Can't see embedded youtube vids in posts

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johnxsi   1 mW

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Can't see embedded youtube vids in posts

Post by johnxsi » Sep 05 2012 2:01pm

Hopefully someone has a simple solution for this: anything tagged with |youtube| |/youtube| tags doesn't appear when I'm browsing posts.

My workaround is to quote the post which then displays the code, which I can paste them into a youtube address... but it wears thin after a while :)

Any suggestions?
(firefox 4.0.1 on Linux.)

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amberwolf   100 GW

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Re: Can't see embedded youtube vids in posts

Post by amberwolf » Sep 06 2012 4:30am

probably a bug in that version of FF or an addon you have installed. Disable your addons; if it works now then reenable one at a time until it stops working, then turn that one back off.

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