The future of our forum - facebook versus web forums

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Re: The future of our forum - facebook versus web forums

Post by AngryBob » Jan 11 2020 9:26am

Yes, I started reading here not long after those events.

IIRC, the main objection was that the site would be used to generate a PROFIT, with somebody else in charge.

What I would propose, is to run it as a non-profit, a simple banner ad on the front page only, to pay the bills. Everybody loves a freebie, but this place costs money to host, and to maintain. Expecting somebody else to pay those bills is just freeloading. There is another site I frequent which, while on a completely different subject, is remarkably similar to this one. They host ads as I suggest above, and the site has been up over 20 years now. Few to none object to the ads. They are not intrusive, and are related to the subject matter.

The ads, and/or donations, could also be used to create INDEPENDENT product reviews, testing, and perhaps even some product development. The choices could be user-driven, voted on with a steering committee, etc.

The site would be independent, and it's future existence assured. Backups, redundancy, enhanced features, etc. Justin is great and his charity is a magnificent thing, but depending on someone else's generosity is kind of against the spirit of what many people are doing here. Do It Yourself is very different than begging someone else to do it FOR YOU, for free.

We could all be bummin' rides from friends, but we're not.

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