BMSBattery Charger Not Charging / Arcing to Metal Table

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Re: BMSBattery Charger Not Charging / Arcing to Metal Table

Post by Jerry-ANT » Dec 04, 2017 12:45 am

Hi Doug, If your battery has been bought for three years, and rarely used, then the battery capacity may have gone,but you also can open the battery see if there have somewhere broken,especially the BMS. :D
New bottle battery 36v10ah, maybe you can see www. http.//www.
If your battery is rarely used, you also need to charge it occasionally so that the battery will not be so easily damaged
iamodugsebike wrote:
Nov 18, 2017 10:59 am
Took the bike for a test ride over the weekend on what would be my normal commute...

Got 3 miles into a 10 mile ride and the battery cut out, totally. Never seen it like that before, usually I can turn it back on and run for a minute or at least get a battery reading from the built in light. This time nothing...

I'm going to try to take the battery apart tomorrow to see if there is any obvious broken connections inside it.

The battery is about three years old with probably 20-30 cycles on it and always stored with a partial charge. I wouldn't expect to get the full 12 Ah from it but is it unreasonable to think I'd still be able to get half that?

Does anyone know where I could get a reasonably safe 10Ah bottle battery for $250 or less? I see some on eBay, mostly DuraB, just don't know the quality.

- Doug

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