Pon Holdings of the Netherlands

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Pon Holdings of the Netherlands

Post by LockH » Jun 21, 2016 11:37 am

... have sorta danced around these folks on ES to date ("bought Cervélo"... bought Santa Cruz and Juliana brands... etc) and now article "Senior Vice President Armin Landgraf on Pon.Bike’s Global Ambitions":
http://www.bike-eu.com/home/nieuws/2016 ... s-10126658

Seems this transportation conglomerate started out with cars... moved to bikes... and now to ebikes. [hehe]
SANTA CRUZ, USA – He has an extensive management and consultancy background in the car business. But road and mountain biking are his passion and he loves biking on weekends with his wife and kids in Amsterdam. That makes Armin Landgraf a strong believer in people-friendly, bike-able cities and in e-bikes that ‘enhance the mobility role of bicycles’.
How do you view e-MTBs? Will they be included in the 2017 line-up of Focus or other brands?

E-MTBs will be in the 2017 line-up of Focus as well as Univega. It’s a relevant segment and we will mount a big effort with innovative designs to become leading in this segment too.”

What are your 2020 objectives with Pon.Bike?

“We intend to grow significantly. We have ambitious but realistic plans in place for all brands. Executing them will result in controlled but accelerating growth, in particular with e-bikes.”
[insert extra grinning here]
ES changed my life (for the waaaaay better).

Eff. June, 2014 Phoenix Ebike Promotions

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Phoenix Ebike Promotions conversion kit (work in progress. More drink holders, etc etc)
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