RadRunner from Rad Power Bikes change European Settings

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RadRunner from Rad Power Bikes change European Settings

Post by Krakz » Oct 31 2019 8:58am

Dear people,
I have a RadRunner from Rad Power Bikes in the european edition. In my opinion, it has the same - bad - display, the same Bafang engine and - I think - also the same controller as the USA Bike.
But in Europe the engine is reduced to 250 watts, the throttle only helps up to 9 km/h and the top speed is only 25 km/h.

Does anyone have any idea how to get the USA settings on the bike?
And: Can you get another display? Unfortunately the normal Bafang cable is not installed. I assume that the controller is not from Bafang either.

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Re: RadRunner from Rad Power Bikes change European Settings

Post by amberwolf » Oct 31 2019 9:14pm

None of the Rad controllers I've seen/worked with or read about are programmable at all, they have to be replaced with a different one (along wiht matching display, etc) in order to change the behavior. :/

Some of them have a few settings that can be changed in the display with the buttons on the handlebars, but it's just stuff like wheel size, etc. The max power, speed, etc. are not available to be changed. :(

The Rad controllers I've handled are by LiShui (LS), Li Shui, with displays by KingMeter.

IIRC the one Rad bike (rover?) I tried to help someone access via the USB_serial cable and LCD cable port, and the software they were sent (or found, I don't remember), but while it did "talk" to it, it couldn't change any settings.

But you'd have to ask Radpower themselves if this is the case with your particular model.

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Re: RadRunner from Rad Power Bikes change European Settings

Post by pat_smtih » Nov 08 2019 4:48pm

Bolton Bikes sells a Rad upgrade kit, just recently tested on a RadRunner:


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Re: RadRunner from Rad Power Bikes change European Settings

Post by AHicks » Nov 09 2019 8:14am

Bolton's kit is a straight plug and play using the Rad style connectors. I agree it would be a good solution. If you were feeling adventuresome, that same 35a KT controller and KT display (of your choice) could be sourced elsewhere for for about half - leaving you with the project of matching the necessary wiring (throttle, brakes, PAS sensor, motor). OR, you could purchase a "kit" that comes with a throttle, brake levers w/cut off switches, PAS sensor, KT controller, and KT display (LCD3 is popular). That leaves you with matching connectors everywhere but the motor, which you would need to figure out on your own. This "kit" isn't a lot more than just the controller and display, and makes a project like this pretty easy for a DIY'er.

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