Grin Phaserunner Assembly

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Grin Phaserunner Assembly

Post by E-dub » Dec 03, 2017 9:33 pm

Greetings, If this discussion has already been address please forgive me and please point me to the correct post.

I am currently running a BBSHD 48V 1000W Bafang Mid Drive Ebike Kit, 48V 17.5AH Tube TigerShark Frame Case Samsung Cell Battery on my diamonback hardtail.

I am considering purchasing a Grin Phaserunner from The wonderful guys at explained that their offering doesn't come plug and play as it does with the sold out unit on ERT for the Bafang mid drive unit. This means splicing wires and adding the correct information into the software for the motor to program the Phaserunner. It's not that I don't have the technical skills to follow directions but my background isn't electronics it's programming. Taking on the challenge without adequate instructions is daunting and I fear connecting or programming something incorrectly and frying my motor. Considering my bike is my main commuter I am hoping someone can offer some direction.

If bought the Phaserunner from ebikes I would need to (according to their instructions) tear down the motor and count the post and manually enter in the info into the software. If that's all there is to it than I am comfortable with that but something makes me feel there is more to it than that. To me the instructions presume that I should be familiar with which wires to splice. Or I could just scrap the whole idea and go with the a 3000w sinewave controller from ERT which is in stock. I would still need some directions on assembly. I appreciate any advice.

I have three choices and considering I would add the CA v3 into all three choices I could purchase 1) Grin Phaserunner from ebikes, 2) Wait until the Grin Phaserunner v2 plug and play is available from ERT 3) Purchase the ERT Sinewave controller.

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Re: Grin Phaserunner Assembly

Post by amberwolf » Dec 04, 2017 4:35 am

There's a thread in the for sale section on the PHaserunner, and some others elsewhere on ES, taht will give you an idea how complex the PR is to setup, and possibly some help with how to do that.

A search on threads with Phaserunner in the title and/or first post will find most of the info about it.

I don't know that anyone has actually done a PR on the BBSxx, but if they have, there's probably a thread about it.

There is a fair bit more than just the number of poles and such to setup a PR. Wiring it up is the easy part. Getting it to work with any particular motor means setting up a number of parameters in the controller's setup program, and then tuning from there to get it to the performance level you expect.

Teh company that made the original brain of the PR, ASI (accelerated systems) may have more info on their site about their version of the controller (but it may be different than Grin's).

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Re: Grin Phaserunner Assembly

Post by Marin » Dec 04, 2017 1:37 pm

Give this thread a look it’s just what your looking for ... =4&t=91775
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