Canada riders - where you at?

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grease-monkei   1 µW

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Canada riders - where you at?

Post by grease-monkei » Nov 28 2019 10:04pm

I'm living on the west coast just outside of Vancouver and looking for other guys who have powerful #ebikes. I have a Kuberg freerider and I know there are some guys with sur Ron's in the area.

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beast775   100 kW

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Re: Canada riders - where you at?

Post by beast775 » Dec 11 2019 8:31pm

Used to get bonkers with power, now im in the 10-20A club...but i do range instead, did a 8 hr ride this August -the sooke -cowichan trail, no cars from Victoria... were around , but most of us are stealthy and in the bush.
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