Interbike 2017, Las Vegas, Sept 18-22 (Mon-Fri)

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Re: Interbike 2017, Las Vegas, Sept 18-22 (Mon-Fri)

Post by amberwolf » Oct 05, 2017 9:30 pm

Toorbough ULL-Zeveigh wrote:that backpedal regen is fn brilliant.
its so bloody obvious that as usual it eluded all the ES geniuses, slapping my forehead.
It didnt' actually elude them, but AFAIK it's not yet implemented in stuff from ES:

I've seen backpedal regen come up in the CA3 beta thread at some point as a feature request, if not an actual way to make it do that.

It's even listed on this page ... ug-reports
Enable backwards pedaling regen control In quadrature PAS mode, enable an option that backwards pedaling triggers the 0-0.8V proportional throttle regen

EDIT: using just one possible search (pedal backwards regen) I found some references for it, starting as long ago as April 2012. There's probably others with other terms that don't come up in this search: ... en#p570265 ... n#p1116000 ... n#p1123997 ... n#p1245232 ... n#p1254203

And apparently at least at one time the Copenhagen wheel did this ... n#p1088256

This post proposes the basic idea back in May 2015: ... n#p1042750

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Re: Interbike 2017, Las Vegas, Sept 18-22 (Mon-Fri)

Post by Toorbough ULL-Zeveigh » Oct 08, 2017 12:21 am

yeah, that impressive wall of text all distills down to the same single genius.
can't expect justin to do all the heavy lifting, there's only so many hours in the day.
so i'll stand by my comment when i sed genius-SEZ, plural. :)

but i will take back that retro-regen be a frock bike standard when it must needs be mandatory on all ebikes of every stripe for safety sake wink-wink think of the children.
the boschfangs of the world have gotten away with reskin of last century's tech far too long.
they must needs be regulated into innovating safety standards rather tha relying on ES amateurs to weld clutches or what have you. :roll:
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Re: Interbike 2017, Las Vegas, Sept 18-22 (Mon-Fri)

Post by LockH » Oct 12, 2017 7:09 am

Show Manager on Interbike 2017: ‘It Could Have Been Worse’: ... e-10131643

LAS VEGAS, USA – Interbike was staged for the final time in Las Vegas last September and marked the end of an era. It was not a happy end as show manager Pat Hus pointed out that “the demo and expo were definitely smaller than last year, which is disappointing but trade shows are truly a reflection of their industry.”
Considerable number of e-bike test rides

Unlike most other categories, the e-bike enjoys a growing interest from North American consumers and dealers, also at Interbike. Not surprisingly it was just Raleigh Electric president Larry Pizzi who reported to have had the best show in five years. “Not only did we see a steady stream of traffic, we had retailers wanting to write orders. A great show for Raleigh Electric overall.”

Also Focus and Kalkhoff USA GM Dan Delahanty was positive about Interbike 2017: “The show was very successful for Focus, especially in launching our new line of e-bikes. Key to our success was the opportunity for retailers and media to test ride our bikes at Outdoor Demo and then meet at the Expo to talk business.”

According to Interbike more than 1,700 attendees tested e-bikes from more than 30 brands and conducted over 6,000 test rides.
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