Best current performance motor package advice please

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Best current performance motor package advice please

Post by RiverRat » Dec 15, 2017 6:03 pm

Hey all. Kinda back after a long absence. I started a bbs o2 build with self built 2kwh (roughly) 14s battery pack. The pack is still good I think.... Anyway I have been living out in the bush for 2 years and just didnt have the tools or motivation to finish the project. I did get it running however and the bbs02 left me totally underwhelmed so.....

In circumstances now with power connected soon and a workshop available to set up im looking to upgrade the motor package to fully complete the build.

Ive had a close eye on the Sur-Ron more as an interest for now because of its lack of on road legal compatability. S

Top of my list is the tangent new gen2 out soon. (realy enjoyed seeing the evolution of this built)

And off course the higher powered cyclone variants.

Anything else Ive missed....?

Seem to be answering my own question :roll:

Primary use will be a daily 40km (roughly) commute and plenty of bush bashing the rest of the time.

cheers Riv

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