What's a good e bike headlight?

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Re: What's a good e bike headlight?

Post by wturber » Dec 05, 2017 8:16 pm

Here's the 5 3/4" Wisamic "DayMaker" Knockoff for Harleys. I mounted some boards to my basket, drilled some holes in the light's heatsink, and then bolted it into place with some L brackets. I used washers to get just the right aiming tilt to keep the light's aimpoint below the horizon. The light on top has it's own battery. I keep it on the bike as a backup headlight, for possible use as a detachable flashlight, and as a front facing flasher for use during the day only.

It throws a shaped beam with a sharp horizon line and lights a fairly wide path. The beam pattern isn't as uniform as I'd like, but it definitely lights the road well at night and seems pretty visible during the day. I could run the high beam during the day if I wanted even more visibility.
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