Target: 35Mph, Trek 820 Frame, 36 OR 72V. What would YOU do?

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Re: Target: 35Mph, Trek 820 Frame, 36 OR 72V. What would YOU

Post by Winstonk24 » Oct 20, 2017 8:56 pm

I have a trek 7.5fx and i cruise at 30mph daily for 20+ miles for over a year now. Idk how many miles i have but im guessing at least 5000 and i have had 0 issues... With a full charge and the wind to my back il hit 34ish. Just watch your temps.

Mac 10t
50v em3ev triangle battery
40amp controller

So yes it can be done. Yes you have to watch out for every bump and everything that might be on the road. I have had some close calls running over some things that definitely scared me. I think the scariest was a 2 by 4 at 30....

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Re: Target: 35Mph, Trek 820 Frame, 36 OR 72V. What would YOU

Post by Voltron » Oct 20, 2017 9:12 pm

That's what I meant in the previous post.. things come up at you fast at 30+... and if the bike doesn't naturally want to ride right over them it can get sketchy. Frame integrity aside, bump induced speed wobbles or airtime aren't fun, on road anyhow.

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Re: Target: 35Mph, Trek 820 Frame, 36 OR 72V. What would YOU do?

Post by Pyrotrons » Dec 30, 2017 6:33 am

Hi All,

Well, this project has taken an interesting turn. Initially I was limited to either a 36 or a 72V battery because of the source... "alarmhookup" on Ebay. He was known for his Samsung 2200mAH cells and the purple 36V 4.4AH modules. Well I waited too damn long to buy from him and, well, I kindof dropped a lot of money on a LunaCycle 60V 20AH battery + charger. I think it was the right decision... not only is it a substantial and "DONE" battery, but rigging ten different modules together plus designing "reverse diodes" onto a PCB would have been another thing getting in the way. The challenge has moved to designing a battery enclosure... probably will be 1/8" Al plate cut on the band saw then TIG'ed together. Dunno yet how to mount to the bike because I simultaneously hate clamps *and* drilling the frame.

Here's the setup now... All parts are ready except the eBike controller!

2001-ish Trek 820
Homemade eBike controller!! Parts come in tomorrow :D ... 0#p1347370
LunaCycle 60V 20AH battery
"Voilamart" "48V" "1000W' motor. I plan to fill this with ATF and rewire the leads with the biggest magnet wire I can find...
E.R.T. 3kW sine wave controller

I promise to not ride it as fast as it will go.

How fast do you think it'll go? In with that question is "What the hell kind of motor comes with the Voilamart kit?" Ya'll I've searched and searched, I have no clue what speed the windings are wound for. Anyone know?

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