iMax B8+ Balance Charger Magical Smoke

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iMax B8+ Balance Charger Magical Smoke

Post by markz » Dec 03, 2017 12:16 am

It works fine charging, but not discharging. Some white smoke came up through the fan.
On discharge setting display reads CONTROL FAILURE after about 4 seconds of of it actually discharging.

This resistor is a bit blackish and it seems to be the culprit.
Color code reads (0) black then (8) grey then (8) grey then [(0) black or (1) brown] then (5) green.\ - perhaps 5188 or 5088?
DMM does not read a steady value, reading value always moves down on 200K to 20M dmm settings.
Fresh 9V battery in the dmm.
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I have no clue what this white thing is called, placed my dmm on it and it came back 0.0 ohms on dmm 200m setting, diode checker came back shorted as well. Assume its a wire wound resistor, as it states 5W0.02(ohm symbol)J - 20milli-ohms, 5W and J must be the tolerance.
What is this thing.jpg
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Similar look this will give this one a try on monday.

Easy to replace those items.

The original part I was trying to figure out, seems to be the IRF ?fet? temprature, lots of white goop on it, thought maybe that burnt off and made the white smoke. Looks intact.
What is this part.jpg
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What is this part white goop.jpg
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Re: iMax B8+ Balance Charger Magical Smoke

Post by MadRhino » Dec 03, 2017 5:30 am

The Imax 8b has the option to use an external resistance for discharge. Have you tried?
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