Velocifero Mad scooter upgrade

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Velocifero Mad scooter upgrade

Post by shinyballs » Oct 04, 2017 6:45 am

Delivered on a thick cardboard box weighing 120lbs, so scooter weighs approx 110lbs. 52 inches long. The frame, fork, swing arm and seat post are made of steel.
The battery frame housing has enough room for 200 18650 cells plus other things. I'll use either Samsung INR18650-35E or Panasonic NCR18650PF configured as 20s10p - which battery do you guys prefer?
Has anyone tried the 18650 nickel strips from nkon? will be ordering the cells from them.

Going to replace the rear rim with a hub motor of the same size and use a larger Sprocket.
Power target is 4 kW max continuous.
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Re: Velocifero Mad scooter upgrade

Post by ElectricGod » Oct 28, 2017 10:14 pm

Don't bother with the hub motor. Seriously... DON"T use a hub motor. A hub is lots of unsprung weight in the back wheel and your scooter has suspension, so use it and you have a nice place to mount a motor in the frame. A far better option is getting an outrunner such as the C80100 which is rated for 6kw. I know what motor you have already and the C80100 is about 60% the size of that BOMA inrunner and good for 2-3X the wattage. It will easily fit in the same space as your factory motor. You wil lalso need to upgrade to 219 sprockets and chain.

You have a giant battery bay. You should easily get 30-40 miles range and top out at around 50mph with the right set up.

This is a Chinese scooter similar to yours that I upgraded. It runs at 82 volts and I've speed tested it at 60mph! On level ground it tops out at 50mph and out accelerates most cars. ... er+project

Since your deck isn't flat, this will be more of a pain to do, but you will want to seal up your deck to the battery bay to keep dirt and water out. Also, that will give you an extra inch or so of space for more batteries or whatever inside the battery bay. I'd probably make triangle pieces to fill in or level out those low spots and make a new deck that was flat.'s a joke...don't take things so seriously folks!

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