What did you cook today??

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Re: What did you cook today??

Post by bigmoose » Mar 08 2016 4:09pm

Marty, congrats on the grill! My Dad gave me mine as a housewarming for the first house I bought in 1977 If I recall correctly. It has been a workhorse! I have replaced both burners twice, the rock grate 2 or 3 times, and the top rack 2 times. It's still cheaper than a new grill and just keeps on burnin' the steaks! ... it also has a bunch of sentimental value too. Oh, and I painted it in high temp paint, probably twice in those 40 years.
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Re: What did you cook today??

Post by marty » Mar 08 2016 7:25pm

Marty and wife live on the second floor. Years ago, wife was grilling on the first floor porch. Marty is playing with his computer. Wife comes up stairs and says.... "There's something wrong with the grill" Marty is not too concerned and keeps playing with his computer. After about the third "There's something wrong with the grill" Marty goes to investigate. Propane gas regulator had gone bad and grill sounds like a rocket ship. Didn't take me long to figure out we have a SERIOUS problem here. Closed gas valve on the tank. Bought a new regulator. All is good again.

Warm weather here today. Time to start grilling.
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Re: What did you cook today??

Post by amberwolf » Oct 12 2016 3:56am

More chili, though it's not hot enough outside these days to fully cook everything, so I had to pre-cook the beans first on the electric stove, and I fried (to get the "carbonized" flavor for later) up the cut-up-chucksteak on the stove too, along with the onions/peppers for the same reason.

Then the couple pounds of mixed veggies, 3.5 pounds of meat, 12 ounces of onions/peppers, pound of pinto beans, water, spices, etc., all went into the metal pot to "slow cook" over several hours in the sun.

But when I started it I forgot I didnt' have any tomato stuff, so for the acidic bit (to help soften the meat/etc, among other things) I used some canned pineapple chunks in their own juice. This changed the flavor but it is still very good; I may do this on purpose next time. :)

I did again also have to continue the cooking inside on the stove, as it didn't stay hot enough long enough outside to finish the cooking.

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Re: What did you cook today??

Post by cal3thousand » Oct 12 2016 5:56pm

I didn't cook anything yet today, but last night, I cooked up some turkey taco salads. Turkey, spices, lettuce, avocado, salsa, sour cream and chips! It's a cheap quick meal that everyone likes.

The night before, I pan fried some Yellowtail in garlic, parsley, lemon and oil. My neighbor caught a decent fish and brought some over to share. It's awesome having a neighbor that will randomly drop off some sushi grade fish :)
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Re: What did you cook today??

Post by Nautilus » Apr 10 2017 2:13am

I cooked this weekend Tuna Steak with seasame, yumm! With little salad real good (I am on the proper eating menu :? )
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Re: What did you cook today??

Post by nutnspecial » May 25 2017 5:05pm

I am gonna become some sorta cave man or something.

Tilapia, wrapped in 4 layers wild grape leaves. Cook.
Saute a few stinging nettle plants and onions w/ some olive oil. Don't forget some vinegar toward the end.
Seperate stems to the side, cut wrapped fish in half, and add nettle/onion in between.

Serve with a few crunchy fried wild grape leaves as desert. They remind me of eating 'autumn' (in the best way possible lol).

If you think you're still hungry after such a delicious natural treat, you have a few fried stinging nettle stems left over to chew on. They remind me of a veggie 'slim jim' lol. The vinegar made the dish imo, though the textures along with the lemony grape of the leaves was one of a kind. I took a few pics to upload later, but utube is full of vid of people harvesting eating, and/or cooking wild edibles.

Next will be dandelion since you can eat the whole thing and the roots can even make a coffee drink. Something that's so hard to 'kill', and has more vitamins than most any single domesticated salad item, has gotta be good for ya.

Also, I might be high on that stinging acid from the stinging nettles. It's neutralized when cooked of course, but a few hours ago I ran naked thru a patch of them (for fun?); let me frocking tell you I hope I never do that again :twisted:

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Re: What did you cook today??

Post by nutnspecial » Jun 14 2017 4:56am

Pix for above:
fried grape leaves__.jpg
crunchy and grapey
grape leave wraps__.jpg
Tilapia inside
grape leave wraps__.jpg (162 KiB) Viewed 1061 times
wraps and stirfry__.jpg
nettle, grape leaves, tilapia, onion, apple
wraps and stirfry__.jpg (213.67 KiB) Viewed 1061 times
stirfry2__.jpg (219.52 KiB) Viewed 1061 times
Also with eggs:
grape leaf and nettle omelet_.jpg
grape leaf and nettle omelet_.jpg (168.54 KiB) Viewed 1061 times

rive snails__.jpg
boil 'em
rive snails__.jpg (172.84 KiB) Viewed 1061 times
disgusting part
snail2__.jpg (159.59 KiB) Viewed 1061 times
like oysters or sushi or something
snail3__.jpg (131.77 KiB) Viewed 1061 times
snails done__.jpg
delicious. added garlic powder and dash of old bay. fried with chopped grape leaves.
snails done__.jpg (186.63 KiB) Viewed 1061 times
It was friggin delicious and rewarding to scavenge the meal.
Didn't know that snails live off of algae, which breathes oxygen. (nevermind, I'm thinking of mushrooms lol).

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Re: What did you cook today??

Post by Ypedal » Jun 14 2017 7:30am

wow.... .... not sure i could bite into that, that's wild man.
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Re: What did you cook today??

Post by nutnspecial » Jul 07 2017 6:54am

I try to keep it simple? Somebody caught a decent bass the other weekend, but nobody that fishes seems to eat them. Soooo, that was actually pretty tasty. Next time pics, and hopefully a better fillet job (tricky!).

I also concocted this bangin grilled ham and cheese with like 14 things in it. Must try again to make sure though :lol: .

As far as the snails, I'm hungry for more. I got about 35 and cooked them. Ate 5 or so like this:
The white things are NOT the snail eggs!
asnail (2).jpg
Looks like it, but it's minced garlic.
and stewed the rest with some wild greens into soup and froze for winter.

I like them mainly as kinda a garnish. Like instead of sausage in an omelette etc. BTW if you like olives/mushrooms with eggs/omelette, try some diced APPLE in there too!

Here's the latest 'wraps' for over the campfire. Apple in the mix too.
wr (2).jpg
wr (3).jpg

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