'92 Ford Escort LX, no batts $1500

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'92 Ford Escort LX, no batts $1500

Post by AlanDominique » Nov 12, 2017 9:58 pm

Page: http://www.evalbum.com/1818

Baton Rouge, LA

Webpage has a fairly detailed history of the car. Still very clean, looks like 5 years old instead of 25. Buyer must show up in person to pickup and assume all shipping arrangements.
Motor: Advanced DC FB 4001 (9")
Controller: Cafe Electric Zilla 1K-LV
Battery: NONE -can take 15x Trojan T875 or any lithium.
Voltage: 120-144
Other features: 2 kW onboard 110 VAC power, complete owner’s manual with wiring diagrams, onboard 110 VAC charger, steel battery box, most of the original cargo space, roof rack, alloy wheels, all disc brakes.

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