FS: SOLD - Used Grin Phaserunner v1.0: $150 USD

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FS: SOLD - Used Grin Phaserunner v1.0: $150 USD

Post by agedashidofu » Dec 31, 2017 11:01 pm

Selling a used Grin Phaserunner Controller from ebikes.ca for $150 USD + Shipping Cost
~600 km on the controller. It is still in great condition, and everything still works perfectly

- This is version 1.0 not version 2.0. Aside from connector changes, specs & hardware are exactly the same as 2.0
- Version 1.0 uses direct wiring for battery (versus integrated XT60 as in version 2.0)
- Version 1.0 uses direct wiring for phase (versus integrated MT60 as in version 2.0)
- Version 1.0 has integrated on/off push button (versus version 2.0 - you have to create additional remote wiring)
- Battery & phase wire connectors have been changed to XT150 (which is more solid than the original powerpole connectors it came with.)
- Wiring for battery & phase wires still at original length.

Includes all documentation as per the original package from ebikes.ca

Price not negotiable. Original price is $295 USD + Shipping Cost from ebikes.ca - that's a 50% discount.

Link to the controller details:
http://www.ebikes.ca/documents/Phaserun ... Rev1.0.pdf

Payment via paypal only. Please pm me or email me at rene_sw@hotmail.com

Controller is currently in Singapore. Estimated shipping cost is $30 USD to US / Europe and $20 USD to Asia via registered mail

Many thanks in advance.

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