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Nov 14 2011 8:56am
Forum: Motor Technology
Topic: Not simple BLDC controller It RUNS! :)
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Re: Not simple BLDC controller

Are you sure its not simpler to have a software (java maybe) to do that? Looks like a few hours of coding to write a software to do this.
Anyway i believe its not the right time to bother about UI. Its time to burn some fets! :)
Sep 15 2011 7:17pm
Forum: Items for Sale - New
Topic: Optical sensors available for Astro, Turnigy, etc.
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Re: Optical sensor boards available for Astro, Turnigy, etc.

Can you make a "kit" with the encoder, sensors board, fixing and all stuff for the turnigy 80-100 ? I want one! :D
Aug 12 2011 12:24pm
Forum: E-Bike Technical
Topic: Optical sensors for commutation -Working
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Re: Optical sensors on Astro + Turnigy (working)

Any news on that? I'm looking forward to buy one to my Turnigy 80-100A + EC-244110-LYEN EDITION!