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by Urbanator
May 16 2018 2:22pm
Forum: E-Bike Reviews & Testing
Topic: Reviews of bpmimports ebikes?
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Reviews of bpmimports ebikes?

Has anyone purchased or cast a critical eye over the bikes offered by bpmimports? ... 4485ae434a
(I also found them via Amazon)
by Urbanator
Jul 22 2017 8:04pm
Forum: E-Vehicles General Discussion
Topic: ebikling motors
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Re: ebikling motors

Some comments about ebikeling's kits- In Sept 2015 I brought my second ebike kit. I chose a kit from ebikeling - a company in Illinois,USA and my experience was that their products and support are ... OK - not bad but not stellar. Details: I wanted a generic 500W 36V geared rear hub motor kit. The g...
by Urbanator
Sep 18 2015 11:46pm
Forum: E-Bike General Discussion
Topic: Stupid Question: Can I solder 18650 cells?
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Re: Stupid Question: Can I solder 18650 cells?

Long-time reader of Endless Sphere here. Decided to post a positive comment about purchasing from SuPower because they went the extra mile for me. Hopefully my experiences will also be useful for other newbies like me. Summary: SuPower ( were helpful and went the extra ...