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by travaglione
Oct 04 2019 2:56am
Forum: E-Bike General Discussion
Topic: Looking to build a bike
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Re: Looking to build a bike

I have been ride my e-bike for about a year now. I love using it. It gets me on my bike more often. I like not buying as much gas. I like the exercise i get . I like the hub motor because as i age and with deep snow and ice in the winter i would like to build a tadpole trike and just switch the rear...
by travaglione
Jul 22 2018 5:24pm
Forum: Endless-Sphere Wiki
Topic: How many of you really use the wiki?
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Re: How many of you really use the wiki?

I like Wiki.
I like that it is a more organized tool which makes a helpful learning tool for persons with limited experience with ebikes.
by travaglione
Jan 29 2018 11:51am
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: TDCM bottom bracket pedal sensor installation
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TDCM bottom bracket pedal sensor installation

I’m struggling with understanding the installation of the TDCM bottom bracket petal sensor installation. I studied the instructions and videos from both Grin Teck and TCDM motor and endless sphere. To me, it seems like the crucial point is the alignment and orientation of the bottom bracket in the b...
by travaglione
Aug 13 2017 5:14pm
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Adding pictures?
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Re: Adding pictures?

i want this bike to work

learning how to add pictures

went to upload attachments