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by wazuki
Jun 16 2015 7:38pm
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Topic: JP spot welder
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Re: JP spot welder

Sorry for not getting back to you earlier, but your spot welder worked great! I was using 0.1mm nickel, and 5ms was too much with the battery I have (715 cranking amps) - the probes were getting stuck to the nickel. 3ms worked better. I've gotten very consistent spot welds, and not a single bad weld...
by wazuki
May 13 2015 6:54pm
Forum: Battery Technology
Topic: 18650 spot welding -how to- ULTIMATE REPOSITORY
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Re: 18650 spot welding -how to- ULTIMATE REPOSITORY

Thank you Nobuo, Just FYI, I've bought some enormous PVC battery shrink wrap in the US from these guys in Northern California. They have a nice formula for converting from battery pack circumference to the shrink wrap width, and they sell by the foot, which is nice. I've bought their 12.2" widt...