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by OhmDaddy
Jun 01 2017 11:33am
Forum: Stand-up E-scooters and E-skateboards
Topic: Currie Kick Scooter conversion
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Re: Currie Kick Scooter conversion

Did you happen to use thermal paste when installing your heatsinks, or just bolt directly on?
That looks like a prime idea, especially when there are situations where you are going to be pulling that large current.
by OhmDaddy
Apr 06 2016 2:32pm
Forum: Stand-up E-scooters and E-skateboards
Topic: Urb-e updrage modifications
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Urb-e updrage modifications

So, amidst all of the promises and failures of the crowdfunding platforms, I finally got my Urb-e at the end of last year and have been riding it long enough to want to do some upgrades. It's a fun little thing to ride, but since I got the low low price during the Indiegogo campaign, I am willing to...