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by mkebullitt
Aug 22 2018 3:35pm
Forum: E-Bike Build Threads / Photos & Video
Topic: Around the world on a solar ebike
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Re: Around the world on a solar ebike

Hello, I've been following your project with fascination. I have been riding and touring on a custom electric Bullitt front loader cargo bike for several years now, and just recently started charging my batteries with solar power. I have purchased a small stack of the SunPower v3 solar cells, with t...
by mkebullitt
Aug 05 2018 1:05pm
Forum: E-Bike Reviews & Testing
Topic: Grin Phase Runner / CA3 and BBSHD
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Re: Grin Phase Runner / CA3 and BBSHD

Hello, I’ve been reading this thread with great interest. Thank you all for sharing this information! My question is, will these modifcations work with a Bafang BBS02? I don’t intend to push it to high speeds, but having a more robust controller like the Phaserunner would make me more comfortable on...