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by grinser92
Jun 16 2017 1:28pm
Forum: Battery Technology
Topic: Common pack design mistakes, how to avoid?
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Re: Common pack design mistakes, how to avoid?

most of the pack designs i have seen so far connect some cells in parallel und then connect these "blocks" in series. is there a reason not to connect some sells in series and the connect these "lines" in parallel? this way you could check evere single cell on its own with a BMS. i am absolutely new...
by grinser92
Apr 28 2017 2:06pm
Forum: Battery Technology
Topic: Kreisel Battery Packs
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Kreisel Battery Packs

Has anyone heard of the Battery Technology made by Kreisel electric in Austria? They claim to have a better Energy to weight ratio than the tesla packs, with laser welded cells from Panasonic and individually cooled cells. Sad...