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by Seanatomy
Jun 15 2017 12:32am
Forum: E-Bike Build Threads / Photos & Video
Topic: Introducing the Electrom
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Re: Introducing the Electrom

Wow, beautifully done build. I wish I had the expertise to build something like that from scratch! Haha. I like the recumbent design and elegance of the layout, I like long trips on my bike so I can see how you can tackle a 100+ km ride in the electrom. Well done!
by Seanatomy
May 17 2017 11:32pm
Forum: Items for Sale - New
Topic: *ALLCELL 48V 23AH Lithium Battery Pack - $650
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Re: *ALLCELL 48V 23AH Lithium Battery Pack - $650

The packs are new obviously? And you ship to Canada? Just don't wanna get some old stock battery ;) 650$ is a great price.