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by vanhoivanbinh
Oct 28 2020 9:28pm
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Topic: Yasa/Makani controller
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Yasa/Makani controller

Hello @axialflux Can we buy YASA motor from your friend? please let me know how to follow up the purchase Thank you SRFirefox: The Makani SiC half bridges are 1700V, not 1200V. I was originally very keen to try an Axiom control board with the Makani power stage. And then Arlin told me the expected p...
by vanhoivanbinh
Jul 19 2017 5:35am
Forum: Motor Technology
Topic: Motorbike Motor
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Re: Motorbike Motor

I am back to looking for a lightweight brushless controller. Since I am building the motor maybe I could wire it for 2 controllers? I would still need 30kW peaks from each controller. Dear Sir Any update from this project I am starting DIY the motor myself I start from YASA, researching them, and e...