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by Newbeast
Oct 11 2018 2:04pm
Forum: E-Bike Technical
Topic: battery draw with Field weakening
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battery draw with Field weakening

Hi! im having a bit of a struggle to understand field weakening. if i add 20A of field weakening, will it then draw 20A more from the battery? or will it be converted by the controller as with phase amps? im running 80A with 180A phase on a sabvoton controller, and my battery is limited to pulling 8...
by Newbeast
Sep 12 2018 4:27am
Forum: E-Bike Technical
Topic: Sabvoton slide-recharge problems
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Sabvoton slide-recharge problems

Hi! im having problems with my sabvoton 72100, i have slide recharge on and it works great, but only when under 76v... so if im above 76v i dont get any regen/braking effect from the motor, and i cant find anyway to set a different voltage in the settings. am i missing something or am i stuck with t...
by Newbeast
Feb 12 2018 8:22am
Forum: E-Bike Reviews & Testing
Topic: Sabvoton User's Guide (unofficial) []
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Re: Sabvoton User's Guide (unofficial) []

Amazing work mate! been trying to figure out how to get my sabvoton controller running for 3 months now, your a true hero. just bought a JBtek USB to RS485 on express delivery, but have no clue what cables i have to plug into it lol. waiting eagerly on updates! :D
by Newbeast
Nov 26 2017 8:42am
Forum: E-Bike General Discussion
Topic: Kelly vs Sabvoton Controller review 2017
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Re: Kelly vs Sabvoton Controller review 2017

Bumping this thread a bit, recently tried starting my new sabvoton controller but cant get it to connect. Seems to be alot of people having trouble with this, does anyone have a solution?
Getting desperate :(