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by Epic_current
Jun 07 2018 4:03am
Forum: E-Scooter and Motorcycle General Discussion
Topic: EU Road Legal Electrification (???)
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Re: EU Road Legal Electrification (???)

Hi there, I'm in the Netherlands and looking into the same thing. So far I found out the following: Changing an engine on a road-legal vehicle from ICE to Electric is possible. However, because it's electric it needs to comply to the regulations which are applicable on the day the vehicle is tested ...
by Epic_current
May 27 2018 9:34am
Forum: Items for Sale - Used
Topic: ME1507+ sevcon size 6 kit
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Re: ME1507+ sevcon size 6 kit

Hi, is this still for sale?

Or alternatively... do you have a purchase source in europe?
Im looking for a 1507 + sevcon controller.. :)