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by zoidbaer
Jul 15 2019 10:20am
Forum: Alternative Energy
Topic: Which BMS for RV Battery Storage
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Which BMS for RV Battery Storage

Hi there, i want to build a storage battery with recycled cells from laptop batteries for my rv. At the moment i run with lead batteries but these are not the best when it comes to capacity and i have an virtually unlimited supply of 18650 cells. I thought of a 3s np configuration. For my electric g...
by zoidbaer
Jan 07 2019 5:50am
Forum: E-Scooter and Motorcycle General Discussion
Topic: oxygen ox4/5
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oxygen ox4/5

Hi there, i recently got an oxygen ox4 (and 5). Is there anybody who used this in germany (or any other eu country)? I have no papers to this scooters, which are more or less 1.5 scooters as there are parts missing. Also does anyone know anything about these? I wouldn't want to slaughter both of the...