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by Vincentp
Nov 24 2022 12:12pm
Forum: Motor Technology
Topic: New QS138 90H V3
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Re: New QS138 90H V3

I am really curious what this can handle in bursts. I have done a conversion on an rm 125 and a kx 85 with QS 138 70H V3 motors and I make 16,800w not accounting for losses when at 84V & 200 battery amps. Even doing 0-60mph drags up and down the dirt road repeatedly, going through deep sand etc....
by Vincentp
Nov 24 2022 11:51am
Forum: EScooter/EMotorcycle Build Threads
Topic: RMZ 450 electric conversion
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Re: RMZ 450 electric conversion

Wow what a beautiful build, hopefully it doesn’t discourage you from building again. Any ideas on the exact mode of failure yet? Seems so bizarre to go up just sitting there, only thing I could think is one of the fuses came undone or something shorted out a group together and started the chain reac...
by Vincentp
Sep 18 2022 5:31pm
Forum: Battery Technology
Topic: "Copper/nickel sandwich" buses for series connections
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Re: "Copper/nickel sandwich" buses for series connections

I have done some pretty extensive testing on the Copper/Nickel sandwich with the Kweld. I have successfully welded up to 0.25mm copper with 0.1mm nickel plated steel. The biggest problem I suffer from is that the copper electrodes have a tendency to stick to the sandwich. My weld energy is 300J at a...