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by mark5
Jun 02 2012 5:31am
Forum: E-Vehicles General Discussion
Topic: Where is that vid...?
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Re: Where is that vid...?

Was it this one:

VEVA Presentation about Ebike Hub Motors, Justin Lemire-Elmore, Dec 21st 2011
by mark5
May 19 2012 3:50am
Forum: E-Bike General Discussion
Topic: Direct drive or geared?
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Re: Direct drive or geared?

OK, went to LBS(s) today and absolutely fell in love with the Dahon Speed series. ... us figure out a way to make the motor work on one of those. There was a Dahon D7 build posted here a few months ago RVD 's Dahon Speed D7:
by mark5
May 17 2012 6:28pm
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: hubs
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Re: hubs

The seller charges $65 shipping. You can get a similar-looking motor for a few dollars less and with free shipping (assuming you live in the US, lower 48 states) from eBay here: Read...
by mark5
Apr 12 2012 3:12pm
Forum: Battery Technology
Topic: $8 Booster Soldering Iron
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Re: $8 Booster Soldering Iron

my booster iron finally died. i can't find anymore now. links anyone? They're hard to find on US eBay. There's a hint somewhere in some thread that Tenma has one. So there's maybe one there as "Tenma Fast Heat Recovery Soldering Iron & 1 Lb Solder." But this without the solder is cheaper: http://ww...
by mark5
Feb 22 2012 7:26am
Forum: Battery Technology
Topic: My first harness
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Re: My first harness

Can't spot the short. I don't see where my cables are connected to the same pack? Is it the latest on the right on the first picture? ... On the battery side of the harness, if the wires are numbered 1234 5678 it looks like you'll short 3 and 4 when you plug the other side of your harness in. Edit:...