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by LockH
Jul 12 2013 7:58pm
Forum: E-Scooter and Motorcycle Photos & Videos
Topic: Horses of Iron
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Re: Horses of Iron

Yeah, It's me... Live (sort of) in the flesh!
Back from the dead... sort of... Hehe
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by LockH
Jul 11 2013 7:37pm
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Lock is in the hospital, was in a coma
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Re: Lock is in the hospital, was in a coma

Mes chers amis sur ES Here endeth the extent of my French language (sort of... hehe), and that darned English army beat any Scottish gaellic out of my family (ancestors) many generations ago... So, in the Queens (or Kings) "english" (sorry you ES folks... hehe...)... Yeah, I'm still alive... sort of...