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by Rydon
Nov 20 2016 12:21am
Forum: E-Bike Reviews & Testing
Topic:'s "Case-08" Battery Pack
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Re:'s "Case-08" Battery Pack

The BMS Battery Case-08 is made by ShanShan Plastic and is known as the Hailong 1 case. It is the same case being sold in the US as the Shark and is available from almost every kit seller in the US - at least those selling Bafang mid-drives. In my opinion it is the best looking case out there. It is...
by Rydon
Aug 22 2016 3:28pm
Forum: Battery Technology
Topic: charge 52v with 48v charger?
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charge 52v with 48v charger?

Can't find this anywhere. Anyone know if it is safe to charge a 52v battery with a 48v charger? Recognizing that BMS balancing may not work and it won't be a full charge?