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by gbeals
Jun 04 2020 6:06pm
Forum: Motor Technology
Topic: Surron Light bee Controller Upgrade
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Re: Surron Light bee Controller Upgrade

I own a Em150. I haven't gotten it setup yet; but heard great things. There are some really powerful dirt bike guys using this controller on a 3KW mid drive motor with great success.
by gbeals
May 21 2020 4:02am
Forum: E-Scooter and Motorcycle General Discussion
Topic: Rieju 50cc conversion
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Re: Rieju 50cc conversion

I didn't want to hijack this thread so I reached out to the OP. It does seem my questions may benefit others, so I'll attempt to be brief but provide enough details to allow an understanding on what i'm attempting to do. I'm looking to build a Trials Motorcycle for trail fun; Not competition large j...
by gbeals
May 20 2020 2:55am
Forum: E-Vehicles General Discussion
Topic: Votol EM-200 Controller
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Re: Votol EM-200 Controller

Also very close to pulling trigger on the 4000 QS and EM200. Seems like a good winner from what I'm reading; but so new no real life tests as far as I have found. I'm shooting for loads of torque and 40mph top speed, with a 2 stage reduction. In theory of course. :|
by gbeals
May 18 2020 8:37pm
Forum: E-Scooter and Motorcycle General Discussion
Topic: Trail riding and water concerns?
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Trail riding and water concerns?

I watched video of a 2020 Electric Motion Trials Motorcycle get almost fully submerged in water; kept going. This bike has a water cooled motor - is that why it had no issues? I'm guessing the controller didn't get wet? I've been watching some pretty crazy YouTube videos of Electric Enduro or MX rid...
by gbeals
Apr 25 2020 2:45am
Forum: E-Scooter and Motorcycle General Discussion
Topic: Observed trials bike designing
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Re: Observed trials bike designing

Hello Gents - I hope you don't mind me jumping into this thread. I'm behind you in progress on the Trials bike, but very deep into my research. I had the pleasure of demoing the 2020 Electric Motion bike here in the Jungle's of Hawaii. (My back yard) I rode both the escape and the e-pure Race Trials...