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by Grinhill
Jan 25 2009 12:05am
Forum: E-Bike Non-hub Motor Drives
Topic: Planetary Reduction Drive
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Re: Planetary Reduction Drive

Another supplier option here, you can get a gearbox with a motor thrown in for a lot less $$$. ... or%20Parts
by Grinhill
Jan 24 2009 11:32pm
Forum: E-Bike Technical
Topic: New Open Source E-Bike/E-vehicle calculator & simulator
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Re: New E-Bike/E-vehicle calculator - Beta testing/Debug

Just got the program to run on my machine. I initially had a problem because of a Nokia PC Suite for phone, which stole the file association for .jar files (doubleclicking on the calculator file started the Nokia program). I couldn't get the file association back to what it should have been, but the...
by Grinhill
Jan 24 2009 6:39pm
Forum: E-Bike Non-hub Motor Drives
Topic: Why not friction drive?
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Re: Why not friction drive?

Hi guys, some great ideas on this thread. Here's a few more ideas to add for the dual-roller sandwich style on the sidewall (French system discussed early in this thread): 1. What about a motor on each roller, but have two different diameter rollers (each with a one-way bearing). You would also need...