Patented (?) method to determine right controller/BLDC wiring

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Patented (?) method to determine right controller/BLDC wiring

Post by jumpjack » Sep 16 2020 4:17am

I can't understand how a person can think of patenting a method... anyway this guy (Jerry Leitz) did it: he patented a method to determine how to connect hall and phase wires between controller and motor...

But please don't use it: it's patented! :lol:

Jokes apart, maybe this paper could be actually useful to make it easier to determine how to wire the controller to BLDC; just easier but not straightforward, as the method is based on having datasheets available for both motor and controller...
Anyway, it contains interesting tips about how to figure out motor electrical data without having datasheet, by measuring EBMF between phases (Fig. 3).
What we cannot know is fig.2 (controller data).
Any idea about how to "amend" the "patented method" to include the case where you don't have controller datasheet?

Another thing I would like to know is which are the (wrong) wirings associated to:
Forward rotation, high torque (FRH)
Reverse rotation, high torque (RRH)

In the charts we can only see:
Forward rotation, normal (FRN)

You can get "Reverse rotation, normal (RRN)" by swapping two phases or two halls.

Can this paper be added to this thread? I cannot access it.

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Re: Patented (?) method to determine right controller/BLDC wiring

Post by eee291 » Sep 18 2020 4:07pm

what a waste of money :lol:

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