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12v battery liquid

Posted: Dec 06 2019 6:13am
by rami

I have 120AH 12v battery, the liquid inside was brown, so I emptied the liquid, filtered it, and put it back in the battery. The battery before that process was reading 12.4v, now it is not accepting any charge, I have 3 chargers and tried to use them, the charger is giving 14v but the amp is staying on the zero mark. Moreover I haven't wash the inside of the battery or clean it, all I have done emptying, filtering, then put it back.

Please can anyone direct me what should I do to bring it back to life.


Re: 12v battery liquid

Posted: Dec 06 2019 6:38am
by LeftieBiker
You removed much or most of the electrolyte. That was not a good idea, as you have found.

Re: 12v battery liquid

Posted: Dec 06 2019 6:48am
by rami
Hi Leftibiker;

Thanks for your reply. I didn't understand, I returned the same amount of original liquid back to the battery.

Please explain so I would know what went wrong, also what should I do next to revive it, should I put 30% acid with new 70% distilled water?

Re: 12v battery liquid

Posted: Dec 07 2019 2:47am
by LeftieBiker
I don't know the exact composition of the battery, but you obviously filtered out one or more of the electrolyte components, along with any dirt that was there. If I were to try anything, it would be to drain the electrolyte again, and try to find a new bottle of replacement electrolyte for a new battery. You would probably only be able to add about 75% of it. Frankly, I'd just dispose of the battery.

Re: 12v battery liquid

Posted: Dec 07 2019 5:01am
by Voltron
Or you stirred up crud at the bottom that's been shed off the plates, and it's internally shorting. Also, did you use a hydrometer on it yet?

Re: 12v battery liquid

Posted: Dec 25 2019 3:11pm
by goatman
in Canada you can go to Lordco and buy battery acid, its not cheap. in batteries I don't care about that are dead and just need to get another summers use, I would dump out the acid in a 5 gallon bucket,neutralise with lots of baking soda, be careful. little soda at a time.
id put a tablespoon of soda in each cell and flush with water to clean the cells and dump that out. then just fill with water and charge.i might of added a teaspoon of baking soda to each cell before charging, cant remember exactly. I did that for my 1976 gmc 4x4 bush truck. I was never left stranded in the middle of nowhere but come fall when it gets cold the battery was done.
theres lots of youtube videos on it. some people use pickling salt for electrolyte but sometimes your lead plates are toast.