fpv cam (voltage sag cutout eliminator) ?

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fpv cam (voltage sag cutout eliminator) ?

Post by jimmyhackers » Apr 07 2021 3:30pm

i have made a little fighting robot with an fpv cam.

the problem is under extreme load (4 servos at once) the camera will cutout momentarily due to voltage sag.

solutions like a seperate battery or a seperate bec will work. however their implimentation will mean my osd (on screen display) voltage will not show the main robots battery level on my screen anymore.

a bigger battery would help, but due to size restrictions im using a single 18650 size lithium cell. its a good ecig cell but even that isnt cutting it sag wise.

my idea is to use two diodes and a capacitor as a compact momentary power source and isolator.
so the camera should still register the main robot voltage on the screen. but during more intense moments of voltage sag....the diodes will isolate the camera and the cap for the short time. making a cut out less likely.

would like some advice, if theres a better way?

thanks in advance
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