Adding pictures?

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Re: Adding pictures?

Post by thanar » Jul 05 2018 2:08am

Are there any other limitations to uploading pictures, besides pixel count size and file size? I can't seem to be able to upload, no matter what I try. I always get a notice icon at the attachment table, and clicking on it give out the information "Could not upload attachment to ./files/57805_60b1e5a920f263fa59e00737a86ee036.", or some other random filename.

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Re: Adding pictures?

Post by mark5 » Jul 05 2018 2:43am

I had the same problem this afternoon except it was on uploading a .zip file as an attachment. Happened after this website had come back up after being down. Maybe these are symptoms of the same problem?

Just tried it again & got error msg:

Could not upload attachment to ./files/23604_606be864bb9c1351b13328550887bb7e.

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Re: Adding pictures?

Post by wturber » Jul 05 2018 3:47am

Yeah. Verified. Having the same issue right now.
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Re: Adding pictures?

Post by neptronix » Jul 05 2018 7:28am

Sorry guys, we got DDOSed yesterday and i tightened up system permissions a little too far :lol:
This is fixed. Let me know if you are still having problems.
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Re: Adding pictures?

Post by usertogo » Jul 05 2018 7:36am

I wasn't able to upload pictures couple of minutes ago.... Tiny 120kB pics...

Correction, I tried again and now it worked!

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