Learn how to do the Heimlich Maneuver... now!

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Learn how to do the Heimlich Maneuver... now!

Post by bigmoose » Mar 06 2010 9:26pm

OK, my wifey just about bought the farm an hour ago. Eating a chicken pot pie, reading a book and watching TV... she wasn't paying attention to her eating. It was almost fatal.

She came into the den red and couldn't talk. She gestured, thank the Lord I got it. I kind of panicked and forgot to ball my hands up, and get real low. Long story short, I got her breathing after about 10 tries. She is going to be really, really sore tomorrow. I am lucky I didn't crack a rib or her sternum.

These things come out of nowhere... so here is a link that might save a loved one in your home, think of it like a safety refresher at work, take a minute to review the Heimlich Maneuver.

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Re: Learn how to do the Heimlich Maneuver... now!

Post by v_tach » Mar 06 2010 9:55pm

The Heimlich is a simple and effective maneuver and choking isn't all that uncommon, especially as we age. The biggest problem is the layperson distinguishing real choking from gagging or other reflexes. Choking involves the trachea and lower airway, not the esophagus with which food normally passes. Getting too big a bite of food caught in the esophagus is uncomfortable but usually not life threatening and its not choking. The Heimlich will not relieve obstructions in the esophagus. Choking victims have partially or completely obstructed airways and cannot talk or effectively cough. Its also good to know how to try and relieve an airway in an unconscious or supine victim as well.

I'm glad your experience had a good outcome. You are a real life hero!

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Re: Learn how to do the Heimlich Maneuver... now!

Post by spinningmagnets » Mar 07 2010 4:09pm

CPR is also quite literally a lifesaver. Many people are afraid to do it (perhaps out of fear of doing it wrong?) or don't want to be bothered by taking a hour course at a local civic organization. All I can say is...doing CPR badly is better than NOT doing it at all.

Even if the person is blue and not breathing on the floor, the first thing is call for help, or send someone to call 911. The brain can go for "about" 9 minutes without oxygen (I'm told) without suffering permanent damage, so taking one minute to get real help on the way is vital to do right away.

Our arteries and veins have little flapper-style check valves every few inches, so if you compress part of a body and then let it spring back, blood will flow, and it will flow in the correct direction. Mouth-to-mouth works because our lungs can only absorb a tiny amount of the oxygen in each breath, so, when we breathe out there is still lots of oxygen in our "exhaust".

I have heard of someone who's heart and breathing stopped in a remote location. While being transported two people traded giving CPR, and the persons heart was topped for over an hour before he got to a hospital to restart his heart and breathing. CPR for an hour!...and no permanent damage.

Of course I recommend getting a proper CPR class, but...poor CPR form is better than nothing while waiting for paramedics.

Pinch nose shut, then breathe into the mouth until you feel/see the lungs partially inflate...then 5 chest compressions, repeat.

Funny 30-second Heimlich video

one minute CPR video
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAqBplR2 ... re=channel

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