USA price for imports.?

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USA price for imports.?

Post by 1of3 » Oct 08 2011 11:47pm

Just by chance ( or not ) I at 12 years old became a mason. ( fully decided by me, in my mindset )
I studied, I practiced ( at my parents & neighbors grief ) to be excellent.
What have you done.?

List for me, list for others in this forum, but most importantly list Yourself.

I am not asking normal stuff, like being a daddy or mommy.... Hell, Our Parents showed us that already.

I am just a dumb mason, a bricklayer, a stone mason.... I know better than this.

Show me you. Show Us all.

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Re: USA price for imports.?

Post by stewrobb » Oct 09 2011 12:27am

Was this supposed to be comprehensible? I'm I crazy or are you nuts? :?
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Re: USA price for imports.?

Post by Lessss » Oct 09 2011 1:06am

he's been using that special "mortar" (sniff sniff)
Give me nuclear batteries I say!!