Lock is in the hospital, was in a coma

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Re: Lock is in the hospital, was in a coma

Post by Harold in CR » Jul 11 2013 8:59pm

Yes, great to see you posting again, Lock. 8) 8)
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Re: Lock is in the hospital, was in a coma

Post by bigmoose » Jul 11 2013 10:33pm

Lock, glad to see you back!!

Did you have trouble signing into your old account? Perhaps fechter can reset things for you if you contact him?
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Re: Lock is in the hospital, was in a coma

Post by Miles » Jul 12 2013 12:31am

Great to hear from you Lock :D

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Re: Lock is in the hospital, was in a coma

Post by Doctorbass » Jul 12 2013 1:01am

Great to have you again on the forum Lock ! :wink:

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Re: Lock is in the hospital, was in a coma

Post by TylerDurden » Jul 12 2013 1:06am

Cheers Lock!

Give those cagers something to think about!!

Have a Nice Day,



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Re: Lock is in the hospital, was in a coma

Post by Thud » Jul 12 2013 5:16am

Holy Cripes eh! its good to see yer postin der Lock!
(Ontario is east & south of me :twisted: )
Continued best wishes on the "fight" for e-bike recognition & even more so on regaining your health & well being.

I'm tellin' ya, we'll know for sure your back eh, when we see a new post in da Iron Horse thread, dontcha know. :mrgreen:
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Re: Lock is in the hospital, was in a coma

Post by The fingers » Jul 12 2013 8:30am

Good to hear that you're doing better. At the hospital where I work, electric wheelchairs dominate the hallways. Handcycles are king of the outdoor grounds, haven't seen any electric ones though. :)
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Re: Lock is in the hospital, was in a coma

Post by Arlo1 » Jul 12 2013 10:31am

Great to have you back Lock. Im in the other side of the Country and its not so ass backwards. There is a lot of "green" people/movements here. The cops have started to ask about Ebikes and pulled one guy over I know and asked him how powerful it was but no tickets let him on his way. In fact on my peddle powered Bicycle while not wearing a helmet I blew a stop sign and a little ways down was a cop and he never chased me down. I will make sure I have some things in place if they want to call me on my power lol.
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Re: Lock is in the hospital, was in a coma

Post by oatnet » Jul 12 2013 2:57pm

Locke, nice to see you back!

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Re: Lock is in the hospital, was in a coma

Post by docnjoj » Jul 15 2013 9:34am

Sorry but I just saw this. I hope you make a speedy full recovery and do think about a trike! Best recovery wishes.
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