I've seen some interesting user names . . .

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Re: I've seen some interesting user names . . .

Post by FfredDRredD » Aug 26 2013 11:29am

"I thought Doctorbass was a fish for a while too though" parajared
thats funny :lol: , has anyone else wondered what those "Bot"s do, sometimes when i get to bottom of a page and see user on forum there are "bots" in the list, tried to click on them but not able to do anything
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Re: I've seen some interesting user names . . .

Post by spinningmagnets » Aug 26 2013 12:09pm

Before I became interested in E-bikes, electricity was still a fascination, especially after I read the book "Draw the lightning down" http://www.amazon.com/Draw-Lightning-Do ... 0520248295 Its from the quote "Destiny will draw the lightning down from heaven".

An atom has a number of electrons spinning around its core. The ideal state of copper has 29. An "Ion" is a named atom with an extra electron or one less than ideal. From this we can see that an electron or two can be pulled out of, or shoved into the orbits around the nucleus. If an ion gets too many electrons, it wants to electro-magnetically throw some of them away at the first opportunity, and if it has too few, it becomes increasingly "hungry" to steal one from its neighbors.

There are linear alternators. NASA Stirling engines use an example of this. A magnet slides back and forth in a straight line while hovering next to a line of copper wire. Electrons are are pulled/pushed at first in one direction, and then in the other. Its a simple way to make alternating current.

Now suppose you have plenty of room and weight is not an issue, like a large dam that water flows through. The downward-flowing water spins a turbine, which spins a shaft. Simple, powerful, and reliable. Engineers have determined it much more productive to have the generating magnets constantly spinning in one direction next to a coil of wire.

DC is good for short distances, and as the distances increase, there is too much waste heat, and the thick wires that would be required would be bulky and expensive. DC is simple, wonderful, and intuitive, but AC was a counter-intuitive flash of genius from Tesla.

I like to imagine that electrons are not created in one place and consumed in another, but that spinning magnets induce a chain of events along a wire, each copper atom receiving an electron shoved into it, and then almost immediately throwing one at it neighbor on the other side (whether that atom wants another electron or not)....and then...the direction of flow reversing 60 times a second (when using house current).

It must be exhausting. An unmeasurable number of jugglers in an incredibly long row, each managing 29 balls in the air, and one or two of those balls gets sent down the line to every single juggler...the event forced by spinning magnets at one end of the chain, all being performed almost instantaneously, near the speed of light (you'd need a vacuum and zero degrees Kelvin to get top-speed, but...it's fast enough right now for what we want, as it is).

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Re: I've seen some interesting user names . . .

Post by arkmundi » Aug 26 2013 12:23pm

I detail the meaning of my handle, arkmundi, in the Noah Principle.

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Re: I've seen some interesting user names . . .

Post by chroot » Aug 26 2013 12:32pm

I used be run a internet business as system administrator for many years in past. Go figure 8)

Chroot is the process of changing of the apparent disk root directory (and the current running process and its children) to another root directory. When you change root to another directory you cannot access files and commands outside that directory. This directory is called a chroot jail. Changing root is commonly done for system maintenance, such as reinstalling the bootloader or resetting a forgotten password.
Definition: chroot (jail): A UNIX feature that creates a limited sandbox allowing a process to view only a single subtree of the filesystem. The jail call in BSD is a more advanced version for creating the same sort of sandbox.
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Re: I've seen some interesting user names . . .

Post by worldpax » Apr 05 2014 6:54am

My first name is Pax which is Latin for peace as every teacher since kindergarten has let me know. So worldpax can either mean its my world as in this is world pax. Or it can be read as world peace, which many pageant contestants seem to be in favor of and might throw this geek a pity screw some day. Put up or shut up I say, what are you willing to do for world peace :)

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Re: I've seen some interesting user names . . .

Post by drsolly » Apr 05 2014 11:50am

We used my name as a brand for the antivirus software, so I used a diminutive of my name as a handle, since 1984.

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Re: I've seen some interesting user names . . .

Post by Laserman » Apr 08 2014 12:25am

Well I in a past life when I was managing and running a small ISP here was forced / cool idea boss / to change our back bone for the ISP to a infra red laser thru the air final connection for the ISP. As I was installing it one of the guys from the accounting dept for the other side of the business asked me what is was doing and is and I said its a laser man and well that's history
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Re: I've seen some interesting user names . . .

Post by Living E Caveman » Apr 21 2014 11:38pm

I thought "if cavemen where primitive enough to live without fire, how primitive is living without an electric motor and portable power system.(a.k.a. battery/inverter) when they are cheap enough for the poorest households to afford. I love my electric grill. and my steamer. I love my freedom. and I am gradually learning to love speed more and more.(in a good way) Living E caveman. cuz I got nothing but what I picked up off the ground, and some of the rocks are bueno. Could be more good rocks to rely on, not complaining. no use cryin cuz its hard to get what you want. just get it or cry. peace and long live gaia, our rock.

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Re: I've seen some interesting user names . . .

Post by teslanv » Apr 22 2014 7:18am

In retrospect, my user name is not so creative, but what are you going to do? You are a noob when you choose a name, I suppose. My former boss who is still a friend of mine bought a Tesla Model S last summer and let me test drive it. It was love, I tell you. But I doubt I will be able to afford one any time soon. So I have Tesla Envy.
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Re: I've seen some interesting user names . . .

Post by Dauntless » Aug 31 2017 1:09am

Putting my name to good use. . . .

So we're having this infestation of bees over the last few days, people are spooked. Bees aren't so scary if they're not aggressive, but I won't want anyone starting the lawn mower when I'm near the bees. So I came across a guy I introduced to this very forum. (Oh yeah, if you're reading, Hi Nat.) Don't think he posts, he's just interested in the electric bikes without building his own. So they'd fled the swarm that their open cokes, energy drinks, juices, etc. had brought, the lot of them were afraid to go into the cloud and rescue the rest of their stuff. I'll admit I"m a little surprised that I went ahead and got it for them. Even the socalled Africanized bees are supposed to be more docile when they make it to California. (Although we currently have the hotter environment that is supposed to make them wilder.) Had to make a few trips into it, at one point Nat is telling the others "That's why everyone calls him 'Dauntless.'
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Re: I've seen some interesting user names . . .

Post by whereswally606 » Aug 31 2017 6:27am

Thanks for bumping this tread dauntless, it's quite an informative read.
My story, curtain hairstyles were the rage when I was in secondary thanks probably in part to boy band of the day sporting them. Unfortunately I am about -5 in each eye and so also had to wear glasses growing up till I was 15 when I could get some contact lenses. So the combo of glasses, curtain hairstyle and some dickhead at school I got the nick name Wally after where's Wally (where's Waldo) probably in the US. Since it was a fairly easy to remember nickname and I probably didn't look to disimlar to the cartoon, bar no snowy dog or wizard following me about, I couldn't really escape it and came known by it through the whole school. It annoyed me only later when younger kids would call me it and not know why assuming I must be an idiot. By this time I'd lost the hairdo and glasses but a name like that doesn't really get forgotten. The 606 is just to make it unique and has no real meaning. It's just easy to rock my hand on the two keys. The guy how first said it is a dickhead but not for coming up with it, if it wasn't him it may have been someone else or maybe a worse nickname. He was just a dick cause he didn't really appear to give a shit about anybody but himself.
There are upsides to some nicknames, Its how you react that seems to matter. Its hard to know (no control for the experiment of life) but I think it's not been and issue for me.

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