What other forums or projects keep you busy?

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What other forums or projects keep you busy?

Post by benj » Dec 04 2014 4:51am

Hi Everyone,

I found Endless Sphere after seeing Boosted Boards do their TED talk, and decided to make my own :) A few years later I have 3 eboards to choose from and I'm so happy with them and owe a huge thanks to the ES forums :D

Before that, I had built my own Segway, an electric go kart, and other crappy robotics projects.

Recently my brother in law was talking about race car simulators, and I found the excellent forums XSimulator - http://www.xsimulator.net/community/. I now have a super fun motion chair linked to some racing games.

I'm also a coder, and tinker with 3D, so I got an Oculus Rift (DK1) a while back. This is super fun especially when strapped into a moving chair and playing rally games like Dirt 3 :D

What other projects and forums do you guys visit or make?

Eskimo   10 kW

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Re: What other forums or projects keep you busy?

Post by Eskimo » Dec 04 2014 1:41pm

I am building a plywood velomobile. Lots of aluminium thrown in too. Work around six hours every day with it. It will have a DD-motor.
I am ten year old member on our national RC-forum, around 3000 posts. Sometimes i write about E-bikes on our local cycling forum.
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Re: What other forums or projects keep you busy?

Post by spinningmagnets » Dec 04 2014 1:59pm

I am a writer for electricbike.com, so...I regularly scan a variety of forums to catch ebike news as quickly as possible. My day job that pays the bills is a water plant operator, so I have a lot of time to kill.

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Re: What other forums or projects keep you busy?

Post by AussieJester » Dec 04 2014 10:07pm

I enjoy heading to my partner's fathers 3500acre farm as often as i can (every other weekend weather dependant)
There i like to hoon about on my 250cc quad bike chasing rabbits and roos
to shoot for eating.
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Re: What other forums or projects keep you busy?

Post by amberwolf » Dec 04 2014 11:55pm

Poke around my threads here and you'll find a lot of projects / hobbies.

Rescuing dogs
ham radio
electronics in general
tinkering with just about everything
learning random new things
bikes electric and not
plastic models
sci fi
science of many kinds
and probably lots of other things I can't recall in a minute. :)

What I'm actually good at...well, none of them...but they are all fun to some degree, as long as they don't include math (whcih I have real trouble with following or comprehending beyond really simple stuff). ;)

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Re: What other forums or projects keep you busy?

Post by nechaus » Dec 05 2014 7:20pm

Well i love this forum

I also watch youtube and don't watch Regular TV really any more..

one of the best 3d printing forums
-thingiverse.com - plenty of 3d file, good site to check from time to time to see what people upload.

light/torch forum that I think you would like..

rc groups- everything RC

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Re: What other forums or projects keep you busy?

Post by lbz5mc12 » Dec 06 2014 3:16pm

I do the ebike stuff and I spend a good chunk of my time online doing rewards sites for paypal money and gift cards because I have no job and can't work anymore. I also spend a lot of time mentally mulling over weird ideas and then posting them on here to see if they're feasible.

I also want to start an online search to find the first ever person to say that ebikes are low maintenance so that I can smack them up side the head.

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Willow   10 kW

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Re: What other forums or projects keep you busy?

Post by Willow » Dec 06 2014 3:35pm

...just completed the construction drawings for my largest solo project to date - $1million worth of concrete and steel... The Kangaroo Bay Youth Plaza (skate park).

Going to be a hell of a lot of fun.
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Alan B   100 GW

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Re: What other forums or projects keep you busy?

Post by Alan B » Dec 06 2014 3:45pm

Building Antenna Launchers.



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Re: What other forums or projects keep you busy?

Post by deronmoped » Dec 17 2014 3:47am

Own a home, that will keep you busy, the rest of your life, if you let it.

Other then that, I have a fleet a mopeds, dune buggy, hot rod Vega, RV/camping, modified VW bus, tube radios, home theater, gardening for food, three-wheeler, shop, building things instead of buying them

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