Live long and prosper...Mr Spock

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Live long and prosper...Mr Spock

Post by Eclectic » Mar 01 2015 1:16pm

I mourn the passage of Leonard Simon Nimoy. His character "Mr. Spock" was one of the most influential fictional characters of my life (other than James Bond - you know the real James Bond; "Sean Connery" not those other goofy ones but this new guy "Daniel Craig" is really good too).
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When I first saw his character I was only 13 y/o, I was completely "fascinated" by the idea of making decisions based on pure logic and no emotion. I still to this day strive of that.

From his skeptical lifted eyebrow to his fascination with emotional beings and his struggle to find a place in worlds where he never quite fit. He created one of the most iconic characters in all of modern entertainment. A character that has been an inspiration to generations of geeks, nerds, scientists, astronauts and entrepreneurs.

With a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye (I can't give up emotions entirely), I raise my hand in the (Jewish inspired) salute that you created. While your physical body may have passed, the character you created will always "Live long and prosper, Mr. Spock" :cry:
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Re: Live long and prosper...Mr Spock

Post by friendly1uk » Mar 01 2015 1:26pm

It's sad news indeed. His character may be immortalised, but only because of him. He will be missed.

RIP Spock.
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Re: Live long and prosper...Mr Spock

Post by spinningmagnets » Mar 01 2015 1:28pm

From Terry Virts on the space station:


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Re: Live long and prosper...Mr Spock

Post by Drunkskunk » Mar 01 2015 2:48pm

The world is a bit sadder now.

Here's a look at the other side of Spock.

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Re: Live long and prosper...Mr Spock

Post by Stevil_Knevil » Mar 03 2015 7:55pm

Bank of Canada issues statement requesting ‘Star Trek’ fans stop ‘Spocking’ $5 bill
Image ... 39029.html

I feel like the CAD just went UP in value :D
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