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Re: MUSIC thread

Posted: Jul 04 2015 12:00am
by kd8cgo
Speaking of NIN:

And of course, their Creative Commons! licensed album :arrow: Ghosts I-IV is almost 2 hours of NIN like no other:

And How about a little PNW Beard Rock for the shaggier amongst us!

Hobosexual - Concrete Corporate


Almost forgot some Ronald Jenkees, always good to cheer up the place:

Follow it up with Glitch Mob's album Drink the Sea, and you're having a GOOD day.

Re: MUSIC thread

Posted: Jul 04 2015 5:44am
by nutnspecial
Cool! i didn't know about 'ghosts'. This sounds like the kind of stuff amberwolf would compose!

Neat to see Cash doing hurt- pretty close to the original in terms of likeability imo. 'ring of fire' still my favorite, but he has some decent music.

Thanks for the recommends- some kool stuff!

Here's on of my fav avenged songs. Some killer riffs.

Avenged sevenfold- I won't see you tonight part1

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Posted: Jul 13 2015 8:22pm
by nutnspecial
down to the river
there was a girl standin high
her eyes were high on her desire
and deep blue sky embracing her
all the time playin with fire
and never enough to make her stop
her world became so much brighter
so much brighter now
so much brighter now
and you know what its like
so much brighter now

Reeves Raymond ft. Alex Staltari & Diana - Brighter Lights (Venemy Remix)
brighter.jpg (10.06 KiB) Viewed 3280 times

Heard it in this mix. Awesome music and lyrics ... rw&index=2

mrmommusic really put's together some nice freakin playlists. No wonder there's millions of 'views'

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Posted: Jul 13 2015 8:54pm
by markz
Pearl Jam, Kid Rock, Foo Fighters are all good bands.

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Posted: Jul 22 2015 4:52pm
by nutnspecial
I'm afraid of americans - :D
Godisanamerican ? Godisanamerican ? Godisanamerican


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Posted: Jul 23 2015 8:10pm
by nutnspecial
Lol, just my artistic take on some tru artist's takes. Is God an American? THEY think so, which makes me scared, and it also contradicts them imo into the antithesis of it.
Not that anybody would get that.

If you wanna hear my voice,
sprinkled with emotion . . .

This happened to play 2day and it just struck me. It now has even more depth for me after seeing Cobain's movie by his daughter. Montage of Heck.

Such a great song: Oh Me (unplugged) Formulate Infinity

And possibly my favorite one of peaceful depth that he was so good at.
Something in the way (unplugged)

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Posted: Jul 25 2015 11:39am
by LockH
Hehe... I already posted here on ES " was sorta handy to watch "Mick the the boys" (the Rolling Stones") from a box at the Air Canada Center (in Toronto) a few weeks back... Back in `77, I could just lean one elbow on the top/back of the stand-up pianoforte at the "El Mocambo" to watch "M and the boys"..."

So my vote for best Ebike Riders bar song by the Rolling Stones?

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Posted: Jul 25 2015 7:06pm
by markz
The Eagles.
Just watched their Band Bio on NetFlix, very good.

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Posted: Jul 25 2015 10:26pm
by nutnspecial
Yah! Besides 'get over it'

my absolute fav there has gotta be

'the last resort'

'somebody laid the mountains low, while the town got high'

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Posted: Aug 05 2015 12:13am
by nutnspecial
Besides the obvious non syncopated rythmatic songs and music that are more pleasant and prob more healthy in general,

I'd like to recommend Awolnation. Here's the one that indroduced me to em, and I like the remainder of their songs as well.
I don't even know what to call it. Alternative? The vid's okay, but limits the extent of the lyrics potential like so many vids.
Good though I guess, but I think they just meant the person felt they were different, which is something everyone feels, ironically.
And this one has a nearly inescapable great message imo.

Also by awolnation checkout:
-All I Need
-Wake Up


PS, in case you don't know the band, SAIL is their 'radio' song, and also 'not your fault' is good. But I'm partial I ges.

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Posted: Aug 05 2015 6:36am
by LockH
Ebiker Guy from home town represents: ... ere-is-she

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Posted: Aug 06 2015 9:02am
by nutnspecial
^ Thanks Lock!

All we see is shadows through our 'windows'. From awolnation's new one.

Reminds me of Plato a bit.

Liked the video too.

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Posted: Aug 07 2015 12:15am
by nutnspecial
Had windows-awolnation stuck in the noggin on sleeping and waking. Cool.

Just heard a song in the store- awesome- no idea who it was, the lyrics, but I heard it before.

"run back to the - days are " was all I could make out, and the old spiderweb found me :

Florence and the Machine- Dog days are over
Run fast for your mother run fast for your father
Run for your children for your sisters and brothers
Leave all your love and your longing behind you
Can't carry it with you if you want to survive

The dog days are over
The dog days are done
Can't you hear the horses
'Cause here they come
Cool! Surprised it got the right song! Now I know the lyrics, and the band.

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Posted: Aug 07 2015 1:30am
by nutnspecial

An entire live set by Florence/Machine, in case you never heard em.

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Posted: Aug 07 2015 3:40am
by nutnspecial

No wonder the <dog days> song had such an impact with me, but I couldn't recollect the artist! It just came to me in a fragment that I heard it here first.

And while I'm at it, here was my introduction to massive attack - angel She has great taste

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Posted: Aug 08 2015 6:42pm
by nutnspecial

Never noticed the opening frames before

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Posted: Aug 09 2015 12:09am
by nutnspecial
Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac, and Simon/Garfunkel should not be understated.

Although, maybe it's not fair to even mention the others with Neil. You guys know to also invert the perspective of that song right?

Old Man & Heart of Gold
Nostalgia is very powerful. Is it a separate emotion, or just a weasel word for positive emotion? I think it's something that stands unique.

Re: MUSIC thread

Posted: Aug 10 2015 10:48pm
by nutnspecial
who is 'us' and who is 'them'?
Pink Floyd from long ago

From 'dark side of the moon'
/well/ welcome to the machine?

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Posted: Aug 14 2015 10:27pm
by nutnspecial
PHish DIrt
phish.jpg (8.18 KiB) Viewed 3163 times

Re: MUSIC thread

Posted: Aug 14 2015 10:41pm
by markz
Brian Hugh Warner (born January 5, 1969), known professionally as Marilyn Manson

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Posted: Aug 14 2015 10:48pm
by nutnspecial
In Flames , Come Clarity
clarity.jpg (21.29 KiB) Viewed 2867 times


Re: MUSIC thread

Posted: Aug 14 2015 10:52pm
by nutnspecial
Audioslave - The Curse

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Posted: Aug 14 2015 11:33pm
by nutnspecial
Music reaches beyond the physical flesh. If this does the same for you, with any music, there is hope.

I am crying tears for all of us, that we all can reach the best of ourselves- we are all together.

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Posted: Aug 14 2015 11:45pm
by nutnspecial
Always, by killswitch engage
killswitch-engage-cover.jpg (98.47 KiB) Viewed 2873 times

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Posted: Aug 19 2015 9:15pm
by nutnspecial
I had never seen those three vids b4. Can't say they detracted much from my previous take of the music necessarily.

Anyway. Smashing Pumpkins is a totally balanced band, I remember their 'rat in a cage' song first, about the time of alice in chains ' man in the box'

A great song:
For Martha
These guys were genius imo.
Try the whole album if you haven't
mellon.jpg (51.5 KiB) Viewed 3100 times