Review comparing two $250 usb thermal imaging cameras

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Review comparing two $250 usb thermal imaging cameras

Post by MitchJi » Nov 23 2015 4:15pm


Not sure where to post this: ... e-vs-seek/
Thermal Imaging Camera Review for Energy Efficiency Work: Flir One vs. Seek
Missing-Insulation_ThermalThermal imaging can be used to spot heat signatures, something our naked eye can’t see. In the world of sustainability, this tech is particularly applicable to spotting heat escaping from underinsulated areas of buildings, as well as excessive heat or heat loss in industrial equipment. Previously, this technology was cost-prohibitive for most homeowners and small business owners, but earlier this year, both Seek and Flir released small thermal imaging cameras designed to plug into micro-USB ports on smart phones. These phone attachments retail at $250 each, and I asked both Flir and Seek to send me a camera to review here on
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Re: Review comparing two $250 usb thermal imaging cameras

Post by Nobuo » Feb 12 2016 12:40am

I really wait the day to be slightly more affordable :roll: is a main tool for any electronic enthusiast .
In this comparison the Flir looks unbeaten at that cost. Do you know any other choices?
Thanks for sharing
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Re: Review comparing two $250 usb thermal imaging cameras

Post by Drunkskunk » Feb 12 2016 1:04pm


I bought a Seek. It's suppose to work with the Galaxy 4, but it doesn't work with my specific version or revision of the G4. So after a lot of frustration and 3 weeks of research and experiments trying to make it work, (No, a custom built powered OTG cable won't make it work on an unpowered OTG capable port) I found the version of the phone that should work, and ordered one from Ebay. to be cheap, and since I love my G4 and didn't need a new phone, I got a cheap G4 with the right version but a bad ESN for cheap.
The new G4 is bricked. :evil:
I have this perfectly good Seek sitting on my desk and a real need to use it working on an old drafty house this month, and I can't use it.
And to add to my frustration, it has a USB connector, so it's useless on the GF's iPhone.
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