Bionx G! and G2 compatibility help needed

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Bionx G! and G2 compatibility help needed

Post by Chris_in_Canada » Dec 16 2015 7:50pm

I have a complete bike Bionx 2008 36V G1 with 8000 miles on it and the battery has a 12-14 mile limit on rolling terrain. I just purchased a 2011 Bionx G2 (no bike)with 6000 miles that the owner said would not recharge, the motor has no spokes and no rim, so I basically paid for spare parts.

Turns out the 2011 recharges fine, the main problem was the contacts at the rear of the battery needed now the G2 console sees the battery! All right!
I tried using G2 console, 2011 battery with G1 motor. There is no assist or regen levels. so I have a heavy non electric bike.

Second attempt

Then I tried hooking up the 2011 battery, simply replacing the 2008 battery. Turning on the system my G! controller flashes for a second then turns off.

I put the 2008 system back together and every thing works.

My hope is to use the 2008 battery on a ride till it is completely dead and then just switch in the 2011 battery to get home.

As I mentioned earlier to get the G2 system going I would need to get a new rim and spokes and put this together with the 2011 motor. Would the 2008 battery work on the all G2 system?

Hope someone out there has a solution for me!

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Re: Bionx G! and G2 compatibility help needed

Post by Nobuo » Feb 19 2016 10:26pm

Problem probably is communication compatibility. Bionx use to have close source systems, so the battery BMS need to send data to the controller to be used with. Multiple users have report the same difficult when they want to exchange cells on the battery or use another one.
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