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Re: Unstoppable California Gas Leak

Posted: Jul 07 2016 7:16pm
by Chalo
Natural gas is mostly methane. Gasoline is a nasty cocktail of alkenes, alkenes, and naphthenes. Gasoline is WAY more unwholesome for you, but it's also much easier for a human nose to detect and identify.

Re: Unstoppable California Gas Leak

Posted: Jul 17 2016 10:59am
by LockH
"California denies SoCalGas’ proposal to build $621.3m North-South Pipeline" ... ne-4950973
CPUC said little stored gas is available on the northern system to support deliveries on the southern system due to the Aliso Canyon gas leak that occurred on 23 October 2015.

Re: Unstoppable California Gas Leak

Posted: Jul 17 2016 11:02am
by LockH
"SoCalGas slammed for poor cleanup of Porter Ranch homes" ... anch-homes

Re: Unstoppable California Gas Leak

Posted: Dec 27 2016 1:24am
by The fingers ... ble-candle
Does anybody really believe the SoCal Gas explanation? :twisted: Especially in light of more recent leaks in the South Bay? ... hawthorne/

SoCalGas likens new methane detected at Aliso Canyon to ‘wisping vapors of a single table candle

New methane detected at the Aliso Canyon Storage Facility’s SS-25 well is “off-gassing from the soil that has previously been observed at the site,” says a spokesman for SoCalGas. (File photo by Dean Musgrove/Los Angeles Daily News)

By Brenda Gazzar, Los Angeles Daily News

POSTED: 12/26/16, 2:10 PM PST | UPDATED: 2 HRS AGO


The massive, nearly four-month gas leak detected on Oct. 23, 2015 at Aliso Canyon emitted 109,000 metric tons of methane and displaced more than 8,300 households. (File photo by Dean Musgrove/Los Angeles Daily News)

Southern California Gas Co. officials sought to allay concerns Monday about a “small amount” of methane seeping since Saturday from the vicinity of a plugged storage well near the San Fernando Valley that was responsible for the nation’s largest atmospheric release of natural gas.

SoCalGas spokesman Chris Gilbride said a “very slight and intermittent indication of methane” was detected Saturday morning near the SS-25 wellhead at the Aliso Canyon storage facility above the upscale Los Angeles community of Porter Ranch.

Before the leaking well was plugged in February, it spewed more than 100,000 metric tons of methane into the atmosphere over more than three months, sickened thousands and prompted the temporary relocation of more than 8,300 households and two schools.


Gilbride said The Gas Co. has determined that recent rainstorms “triggered” the latest release of methane that had been trapped in the soil, a phenomenon referred to as “off-gassing,” after the massive, months-long leak that was discovered at the site in October 2015.

“The methane releases are very slight and not believed to pose a present or potential hazard to human health, safety or the environment,” Gilbride said. “The highly sensitive infrared camera images indicate an amount similar to the wisping vapors of a single table candle.”

Sam Atwood, a spokesman for the South Coast Air Quality Management District, confirmed Monday that the agency is “not detecting any elevated levels (of methane) in the community at the boundary” with the facility.

Air regulators generally would not suspect a leak from wells at Aliso Canyon until measurements reach 4 parts of methane per million parts of air, he said. The last time there was a reading above 3 was in October, he said.

“Since last summer, levels have been basically background levels,” said Atwood, who described such levels as what one would expect to see on average across the region on a daily basis.


No complaints concerning Aliso Canyon were reported to the air pollution control agency over the weekend, Atwood said. The agency also sent inspectors to the community on Saturday and “they detected no odors,” he said.

But The Gas Co.’s statements did little to appease anxious area residents, many of whom are still reeling over the months-long environmental disaster that disrupted their lives.


“From our perspective, it’s just another example of all the unknowns we have to face living next to the facility,” said Issam Najm, board president of the Porter Ranch Neighborhood Council, on Monday. “The reality of it is we’re just sitting around waiting for the next notification and we’ve had enough of that.”

Citing quality-of-life as well as health concerns, the board sent a letter to Gov. Jerry Brown last month asking for his assistance “to secure the permanent shutdown” of the Aliso Canyon facility.

“I wish the Gas Co. would have the moral courage to say ‘maybe it’s time to retire this facility’ and let them work with the state on finding a safe way of getting to that retirement without compromising the gas supply” for the region, he said.


The state’s Division of Oil, Gas & Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) noted in February in a document that some “residual methane” trapped in the soil is “expected to seep out of the ground around the leaking well after the well is successfully controlled and then sealed.”

Meanwhile, DOGGR is conducting a comprehensive review of well safety at the 3,600-acre underground Aliso Canyon storage field as well as a root-cause analysis of the massive gas leak that started there last year. SoCalGas has requested permission to resume injections there following a moratorium after last year’s leak.

DOGGR’s findings are expected to be announced in early 2017, which will be followed by a meeting to gather public comment on the safety review. State regulators have said the primary focus of DOGGR with respect to the Aliso Canyon facility “is ensuring that public health, safety and the environment are protected.”

Interested parties will be given 15 days’ notice of the meeting, according to the state’s Department of Conservation, to which DOGGR belongs.

Public comment also can now be submitted by email to

Re: Unstoppable California Gas Leak

Posted: Mar 14 2017 2:05pm
by The fingers ... e-say-yes/ :twisted:
ALISO CANYON ( — Seven-year-old Aliya Hall gets comfort by sitting in her own bed, but it’s a brief stay. She’s usually at Children’s Hospital undergoing chemotherapy for a rare form of leukemia.

“It hurt because they found out I had cancer,” the little girl said.
Zaven Islikaplan, 63, is also spending just a short time at his home. Most of the time he’s in the hospital on a breathing device after getting his own intensive round of chemotherapy.
“Yeah, I don’t want to give up,” Islikaplan said in tears. “In the beginning, I was thinking OK, I don’t want to do anything.”
Hall and Islikaplan share the same rare form of cancer, acute myeloid leukemia, also known as AML. They also both share a community: Porter Ranch.

They were among 8,000 families to relocate during the Aliso Canyon gas leak. An infrared video captured methane rising above the hills. An estimated 97,000 metric tons of natural gas escaped from a storage well from October 2015 to February 2016.
The gas leak made headlines as people were evacuated for months until the well was capped. Now 17 months later, the first signs of a deadly cancer are beginning to show.
Islikaplan’s family dog died, he and his wife Patricia suffered nose bleeds and a year after the gas leak began, Islikaplan went from being a marathon runner to a cancer patient.
“All of the sudden, everything changed,” he said. “My body. I don’t know. Then I start losing weight. And then I sweat,” Islikaplan said.
AML is a form of cancer tied to benzene, a chemical that was also leaking out of the well in Porter Ranch.

Nachman Brautbar is an expert on how environmental factors can cause cancer and has worked on cases with Erin Brockovich. He can’t say for sure that Hall and Islikaplan’s cancers were caused by the gas leak but says it raises questions.
“All the scientific institutes say benzene is a cause for AML,” Brautbar said. “It is a rare disease, so to see two in that area? It is suspicious.”

SoCalGas wouldn’t address those suspicions but in a statement said: “Thousands of indoor and outdoor air, dust, soil, and mud samples have been analyzed by public health agencies who concluded the communities near Aliso Canyon are safe.”
Matt Pakucko is a music producer who lives in Porter Ranch and has been an outspoken critic of SoCalGas from the beginning.
“I don’t care what they say. They lied from the beginning,” Pakucko said. “Do I have benzene building up inside me that I’ll find out about a few years down the road? I don’t know. They haven’t tested any freaking person.”

Attorney Patricia Oliver represents more than 7,000 people they were affected by the Porter Ranch leak and agrees more testing is needed.
We’re charting new territory in the health issues of what this is going to mean to the community,” Oliver said.
Islikaplan’s wife warns that those who feel healthy might not be as healthy as they think. She says it would be a good idea for those folks to have some blood work done just to be sure.

Re: Unstoppable California Gas Leak

Posted: Jul 19 2017 8:18pm
by The fingers :x

Aliso Canyon Gas Facility (Screengrab via KCBS/KCAL

On Wednesday, state regulators cleared the way for the reopening of the notorious Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility, which was home to the largest accidental methane leak in U.S. history. The state's Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources and the California Public Utilities Commission ruled that the facility is safe "to operate and can reopen at a greatly reduced capacity.''

The facility, which is operated by Southern California Gas Co., is located in northwest San Fernando Valley near Porter Ranch. It was home to a massive natural gas leak beginning in October 2015 that forced thousands out of their homes and spewed 109,000 metric tons of methane into the air. The incident sickened many residents and "effectively doubl[ed] the methane emissions rate of the entire Los Angeles Basin," according to the L.A. Times. Governor Brown declared a state of emergency over the leak in January 2016. The leak was capped in February 2016, and the facility has been largely out of use since. The Daily News reports that activists have been working for more than a year to try and permanently shut down the gas wells.

Wednesday's decision from the state's Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources will clear the way for the storage facility to reopen in a limited capacity. City News Service reports that it will be restricted to about 28% of its operating capacity, or "just enough to avoid energy disruptions in the Los Angeles area," according to California Public Utilities Commission Executive Director Timothy Sullivan.

"While I am disappointed in the State's decision to resume operations at the Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Storage facility, I am encouraged that the CA Energy Commission will proceed with a plan to permanently close the facility within ten years," L.A. City Councilman Mitchell Englander, who represents many communities affected by the leak, said in a statement Wednesday evening. "The gas leak of 2015-16 was the largest in our nation's history and showed the danger of operating such facilities near residential areas. And while State regulatory agencies have taken steps to improve safety at the facility, the only way to ensure that history does not repeat itself is through permanent closure of the facility."

County Supervisor Kathryn Barger also expressed her disappointment over the reopening. "The facility should remain closed until the root cause analysis and energy reliability study are completed and the health concerns of our impacted residents are fully addressed to the satisfaction of county health officials," she said in a statement.

Re: Unstoppable California Gas Leak

Posted: Jul 19 2017 8:24pm
by LockH
"State's decision to resume operations at the Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Storage facility..."

:shock: :cry: :evil:

Re: Unstoppable California Gas Leak

Posted: Sep 12 2017 9:27pm
by The fingers

Re: Unstoppable California Gas Leak

Posted: Dec 27 2017 10:13pm
by The fingers ... y/2831824/ :evil:

Porter Ranch residents are expressing new frustrations with SoCal Gas, whose Aliso Canyon facility was the site of the nation's largest methane gas leak in 2015 and '16.

There have been several smaller leaks since that massive blowout, including two this month.

On Monday, elevated methane levels showed up again on an independent monitor, lasting 24 hours.

Southern California Gas told Eyewitness News there was no release of gas over the holidays, but they only investigate levels over 7 parts per million. Monday's peaked at half that.

The company says gas readings at lower levels can be caused by things like idling vehicles, barbecue grills and space heaters. :evil:

Residents were not convinced by that explanation. They registered health symptoms on a local tracking app while others took to Twitter to vent their frustration.

Local resident Patty Glueck wrote: "Thanks @socalgas for the gift of methane, mercaptans and other toxic chemicals (which you refuse to name), nosebleeds, asthmatic attacks, bronchial coughs, migraines that you've given those near #AlisoCanyon for a Christmas present. Let's hope this unsafe site is closed in 2018!

Andrew Krowne, owner and creator of the Environmental Health Tracker app that helps residents report symptoms, said on Christmas Day there were about 400 symptoms reported by more than 120 people, with levels reading at 3 ppm for the day.

He deosn't believe the gas company's claims that residents are not at risk and notes there was a leak observed earlier in the month as well.

"It's BS," Krowne said. "The leak we had on Dec. 18 was met with 34 people reporting about a hundred different symptoms. That is scientific proof that their releases cause illness in this community."

Re: Unstoppable California Gas Leak

Posted: Jan 04 2018 6:34pm
by LockH
Porter Ranch residents are expressing new frustrations with SoCal Gas, whose Aliso Canyon facility was the site of the nation's largest methane gas leak in 2015 and '16.
Folks that bought "cheap" real estate/houses watt have "no clue". ("But it was cheap!) etc etc. :wink:

Re: Unstoppable California Gas Leak

Posted: Jan 04 2018 6:53pm
by LockH
Hehe... Currently (ebiker term) : ... atural_gas
May 14, 2015 - This is a jar of weird-smelling vapor produced by the off-gassing of magical petroleum reactions. It doesn't smell bad, exactly, just... weird. Type: combat item. Cannot be discarded. Weakens enemies a lot. (In-game plural: jars of unnatural gas).