Hubmotor and Middle Drive in one bike?

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Hubmotor and Middle Drive in one bike?

Post by Compoundbike » Sep 30 2016 5:03pm

Has anyone ever built a bike with Hubmotor and Middle Drive working together?
I could imagine that the acceleration and speed characteristic to be very unique.

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Re: Hubmotor and Middle Drive in one bike?

Post by spinningmagnets » Sep 30 2016 7:50pm

Do you mean front hub, or rear hub?

The problem with a rear hub is that i have read of instances where the threaded portion of the freewheel mount breaking off of the sideplate from too much mid-drive torque, applied too suddenly.

Doctor bass has posted that he has had slippage issues when he has applied more than 2000W to the front hub of a 2WD, so...2000W peaks is within the acceptable performance abilities of a geared hubmotor (which would be lighter than a 2000W DD hub).

I think there is a case to be made for a 2WD with a geared hub on the front wheel. The rear wheel can be a DD hub or a mid-drive, depending on the user profile. (hills? flat land? etc?)

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Re: Hubmotor and Middle Drive in one bike?

Post by hjns » Dec 01 2016 10:29pm

Hi there,

Yes, this is exactly what I am doing (front wheel hub + midmotor driving rear wheel through the normal gears). However, the front hub is a DD and not a geared motor.
You are around Winterthur, right? When you are in the neighbourhood of Basel, send me a message, and I can show you.

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